17/02/2017 – Viator now partner of Data Moove on the PasTime project

Viator, a Tripadvisor ® company and a major player in digital tourism worldwide known for the reliability of its tourist data (places, events, activities, transport, …) decided to trust Data Moove through the PasTime project by giving access to all its database and services, thus injecting it into the PasTime platform which is in progress of Research and Development with our partners Amadeus, EURECOM, ISMB, Localidata and Innovalor.

Viator offers all the attractions of each destination, as well as original excursions and unique experiences. It is the world reference for 17 years: its team installed throughout the world is in constant search of new local providers of excursions and activities. All excursions are tested and controlled in order to guarantee to tourists and visitors a constant quality. Their service even completes the organization of a trip by allowing to book online all the proposed activities.

The PasTime solution will make it possible to recommend to all visitors places, events, activities (excursions, tours, outdoors, …) according to their profile!

It will now include, among other things, all Viator tourist data. The traveler and his familly or Friends will thus be able to benefit free of the best possible proposals according to several quantifiable criteria such as Budget, time, family situation, languages, …

To learn more, stay tuned on this innovative solution that will be available in 2017!