27/07/2017 – Data Moove participates in the SME Trophies “Bougeons-Nous !”

Data Moove is participating in the SME Trophies Bougeons-Nous, in the “Creative Company” category. What is it ?

For 7 years now, RMC and small / medium-sized French companies have joined forces to make France move.

The objective is to value the creative talents and investment of small structures such as Data Moove. It is with pride that we will participate in the 8th edition with the City Moove and PasTime products, creative high-tech solutions for the aggregation and personalized recommendations of high-volume tourist data for the promotion of a territory.

The winners can win, in addition to a visibility on their antenna and social networks for 6 months, 100,000 euros HT of advertising space on RMC.

More information: https://tropheespmermc.fr/candidature2017