3cixty, which the commercial name is City Moove in 2017, is an innovative smart city application. It combines huge amounts of data and displays relevant information, all available at a glance, to enable visitors to better explore all the events and places of an area.

This project is part of a Smart and Digital City innovation action line for EIT Digital.

Search around you

Why is it innovative?

Exceptionally comprehensive urban knowledge base

Wide range of sophisticated queries to the knowledge base

UI to support “parallel exploration”

The solution

All needed information in one application
A flexible solution for every city and visitors
Your city is connected “smart city”
Management of huge amount of data
A strong visibility for your city

3cixty (City Moove) is a plateform for :

  • Providers of services (transport, accomodation, leisure etc.)
  • Users: visitors and citizens
  • Providers of platform components and services
  • StructurerApplication developers and application providers
  • Aggregated data providers including big data and Open data
  • Public authorities and partners to provide public data

3cixty (City Moove), a multi-sided plateform for

It allows visitors to explore a city in powerful ways using a knowledge based created from various sources (first prize in the 2015 Semantic Web Challenge)
With the powerful parallel exploration technology, they can compare, contrast, and share results found using:

  • filtering by category, key words, location, ratings ...
  • finding items near other items (“hotels near gyms”)
  • multiple maps
  • preformulated natural language questions

The mobile app guides users when they are on the go in the city.
It can be ...

  • an adaptation of one of the general mobile apps offered by the 3cixty platform
  • an adaptation of an existing city app to use the 3cixty platform
  • a completely new app that uses the 3cixty platform (optionally created with the 3cixty rapid app creation tool)
A web site
It allows visitors to prepare their travels and vacations.

Mobile app
Their selected items and tours will be synchronized on their mobile application while visiting the city.

3cixty (City Moove), how does it work ?

3cixty (City Moove), videos

These videos shows how 3cixty was used during the Expo Milano 2015

3cixty (City Moove) demo

Here is a live demonstration of the 3cixty Web application which had been made for The Expo Milano 2015 :
See the demo


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