About us

Data-Moove is a start-up in Sophia-Antipolis created in 2014. The project was created out of a desire to respond to the difficulties for tourists to find updated information when they need it the most, during their stay.
As a result of this analysis, the idea for Data-Moove was to develop an innovative and unique solution to bring relevant data to tourists and citizens ""at the right moment and in the right place." During the project's development, the team realized that this solution can be implemented in many sectors other than tourism, like economy, health, and education.

The offer is based on clients’ needs as noted by the directors in the context of previous professional projects.

These needs can be summed up as follows :

Today’s connected world requires an increasing amount of real-time information that is precise, verified and pertinent

Data retrieval is quite complex as a result of the multiplicity of sources

Data management tools are increasingly numerous and hard to master

A complicated data standardization due to the multiplicity of flow formats

Information flows between the different tourism and administrative entites with difficulty

Data diffusion is also problematic with the large amount of media platforms and formats available today (mailings, SMS, interactive kiosks, etc.)

Through its products SIC Moove and City Moove, Data–Moove offers a global management solution from the source to the final user