Data Moove Research & Development

A research and development of Data-Moove S.A.S. is focused on a single objective: innovation in the sharing, management and organization of mass data via new technologies.

EURECOM logoIn order to reinforce its status as an actor in this field, Data-Moove has brought EURECOM into its capital.

This close partnership between our company and this Sophipolitain research center, specializing in the digital sciences, enables us to accelerate the transfer of knowledge accumulated for nearly 5 years with key players such as SAP, ORANGE, BMW or SYMANTEC.

Thus, this win-win partnership with Data-Moove makes it possible to test in real conditions the performance of technologies developed in the laboratory in order to move from basic research to applied research.


To meet the trend of sustainable development “Smart City“, Data Moove offers technological innovations:

  • Data collection and harvestingbigdata
  • Data identification
  • Data de-duplication,
  • Data model standardization,
  • Data classification,
  • Data edition,
  • Data publishing,

The data is available on various mediums: PCs, smartphones, tablets, Interactive boards, widgets, social networks, …

atelier-smart-mobility_0The Data Moove R&D strategy aims to respond to the major issues at the heart of the Smart City trend:

  • Access to information and connected cities;
  • Optimization of information processing;
  • Predictive statistics;
  • IoT;
  • Mobility.



Publications : 

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