Data Mining is a technology that is able to analyze and find correlations among a large amount of data.

This tool can be used to

  • select a sample of relevant data
  • identify abnormal data
  • identify an average user profile
  • Open data is digital (private or public) data that can be used and redistributed by anyone.

    The "OpenData" movement refers to the process of making data available to everyone for free.

    A widget or web widget is a small piece of code that can be executed on any HTML-based Web page. The information contained within could be video, maps, news or games, for example.
    A Smart TV is a set-top box for television sets that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary basic television set.
    Smart TVs often allow a user to install and run more advanced applications or plugins/add-ons based on a specific platform.
    PIC DATA is a platform able to manage the different sources and different formats of data.
    Our solution can organize data clearly, classify them cleverly and sharing them via Open Data.
    PIC DATA allows the diffusion of data flows on multiple devices: smartphones, tablets, screens, kiosks, social networks...
    The PIC DATA platform can support different formats such as: XML, KML, RSS, JSON, and CSV.
    The targeted collection and analysis of data in the context of data mining allows the creation of a large quantity of customer data that is detailed. This customer data is known as the e-profile.
    This data allows one to determine customer''s buying habits and other preferences which allow you to improve customer satisfaction by sending the correct information to the right person.